About the Artist
Artist Statement

Artist statement

      The development of my topics required me to move away from only painting and include the third dimension into my artistic work. In the future, I am planning more public works connected to space, such as installations, or time, such as contemporary Art Video. I want to explore the reactions of the passer-by and the impact that the messages of my work may have on them.

     Unfortunately, temporary installations are very fleeting and only the pictures as documentation stay. That is why I also plan to start working with sculptures, which are much more permanent. I also want to explore more about how Germany with its people and its contemporary art dealt with the separation and subsequent reunification. One of my interests here is about what problems and scars still have to be overcome. I will further develop those ideas.

     My current projects revolve around the exploration of humankind itself: human behavior, feelings, and mind. My artwork is all interconnected, be it painting, installation, or video-art. In the future I hope to completely intertwine these different modes of art and use them all together in objects. I see in much potential in Video Art - given the omnipresence of the moving picture these days.

... more to come ...